MIRAMAR, FL / ACCESSWIRE / January 26, 2017 / Hema Diagnostic Systems, LLC, located in Miramar, Florida USA, (www.nugenerexdiagnostics.com), a subsidiary of Generex Biotechnology Corporation (www.generex.com) (OTCPink:GNBT), has announced the availability of the new RAPID 1-2-3® HEMA EXPRESS® HIV 1/2 P24Ab 4th Generation rapid diagnostic test for HIV. The RAPID 1-2-3® HEMA EXPRESS® HIV 1/2 P24Ab includes GP36, GP41, subtype “O” and the ability to detect the HIV P24 Antibody (Ab), enabling reduced HIV detection time.

The RAPID 1-2-3® HEMA EXPRESS® HIV 1/2 P24Ab uses whole blood, serum or plasma as a test sample with test results appearing as quickly as 10 minutes. Through its simple, user-friendly design, the RAPID 1-2-3® HEMA EXPRESS® HIV 1/2 P24Ab eliminates many of the difficulties generally associated with rapid cassette testing including the uncontrolled transfer of a potentially infected test sample. The sample pad of the EXPRESS device has an easily visible “minimum blood” volume line making it easy to determine when a sufficient test sample has been taken up and into the test. Additionally, the guess work, normally associated with adding diluent, has also been eliminated, as the diluent pod of the RAPID 1-2-3® HEMA EXPRESS® HIV P24Ab contains the exact, premeasured diluent volume necessary to run the diagnostic.

“Our concept in designing the EXPRESS device was based upon a simple, easy-to-use and user-friendly system. HDS added the P24Ab detection to our product mix to give our clients the ability to detect the presence of HIV earlier than non-P24Ab tests without sacrificing the ability to deliver exceptional Sensitivity and Specificity results.” said Lawrence Salvo, President and CEO of Hema Diagnostic Systems.

Salvo further added: “While our current antibody test is effective, we felt that the market required a cost-effective P24Ab version. The test is designed for field use in the developing world, so it is durable, easy-to-use, safe, and most importantly provides near immediate results - perfect for community based screening. Our RAPID 1-2-3® HEMA EXPRESS® HIV P24Ab is expected to be a most welcome member of our expanding array of HDS rapid tests.”

“The HDS HEMA EXPRESS® technology is the reason that we have made HDS the first acquisition inthe relaunch of Generex”, said Richard Purcell, EVP Research & New Drug Development at Generex. “The ability to specifically detect several biomarkers in a single rapid test creates numerous opportunities for in-hospital, personalized, infectious disease monitoring, and a path for the development of our rapid test for sepsis.”

The RAPID 1-2-3® HEMA EXPRESS® HIV P24Ab kit includes a lancet and an optional alcohol pad, packaged into the single foil pouch. Both the pouch and EXPRESS diagnostic test are color-coded for easy identification as an HIV test. Written and pictorial instructions are on the reverse of each pouch for easy and quick reference and are available in multiple languages. The method of use and operation of the RAPID 1-2-3® HEMA EXPRESS® HIV P24Ab is the same as with all other EXPRESS tests, allowing easy training in the field and decreasing the possibility of false and inaccurate test results through user-error.

About Hema Diagnostic Systems

Hema Diagnostic Systems LLC. (www.rapid123.com) is a rapidly growing biotechnology company,involved in the development, manufacture, assembly and distribution of diagnostics targeting primary as well as orphan infectious diseases. Hema Diagnostic Systems continues to expand its product line to meet the needs of the worldwide market. Point-of-Care test devices are made simple to use and are highly cost effective when incorporated into Hema Diagnostic Systems’ patented and patent pending delivery systems. The Rapid 1-2-3® HEMA EXPRESS® is a novel delivery systems that is self-contained and easy to use.

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